Lady Gaga Jadi "Woman of the Year"

Lady Gaga Jadi "Woman of the Year"

by Pohan
Tue, 22-Dec-2015

Lady Gaga didaulat menjadi "Woman of the Year" dalam ajang Billboard Women in Music 2015. Saat menerima penghargaan, Sabtu [18/12], ia tampil membawakan lagu "Til It Happens To You” untuk korban kekerasan seksual. Dua tahun sebelumnya, penghargaan Woman of the Year ditabalkan masing-masing kepada P!nk [2013] dan Taylor Swift [2014].

Penghargaan Woman of the Year diberikan kepada Lady Gaga karena ia dinilai total dalam dunia musik dan sangat serius dalam kariernya.

"I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of anything more than being a performer. I don’t really know why. I’m so sorry. I’m a very emotional person. [Laughs] I think that’s what you are as an artist. You have a lot of strength, but you’re sort of intrinsically very emotional..” ungkapnya.

Pada akhir pidato, ia berterimakasih kepada orang-orang terdekatnya, "I am so grateful to my parents that they didn’t deny me my right to express myself at a young age -- thank you. And to my sister Natalie who’s here tonight who I’m so proud of -- who knew? She’s the designer. She does fashion. I do music. It was a creative family. It’s something different. Thank you for being here. Thank you for honoring me. I am an Italian-American girl from New York who was the first to go to college in their generation with my family, so thank you for everything and God bless. To the next Woman of the Year!.”  [][teks @pohanpow/billboard.com | foto facebook.com/ladygaga]