Light Painting ala Vitor Schietti

Light Painting ala Vitor Schietti

by Pohan
Thu, 03-Dec-2015

Memotret dengan teknik light painting adalah salah satu penggunaan kreatif shutter speed. Tiap fotografer memiliki ide yang berbeda dalam melukis cahaya. Seperti yang dilakukan fotografer Vitor Schietti untuk seri fotografi eksperimentalnya berjudul "Impermanent Sculptures". Ia menjelaskan:

“While some images are acquired in one single exposure, some others are composed by the process of overlaying bits of light paintings from two or more pictures to compose the final image. Apart from this process and some color and contrast adjustments, the result is basically untouched, conceived entirely from real performance with fireworks. By creating these images, which I refer to as Impermanent Sculptures, I draw the viewer’s attention to abstract concepts taking place in real environments.”

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